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Current Course Offerings

  Course    Available Seats    More Information
Effective Online Course Management – Graduate 12 Graduate Effective Online Course Management final Winter 15.pdf
Internet Safety- Renewal 31 Internet Safety Syllabus 12.pdf
Approaches and Tools for Developing Web Lessons – Graduate 15 Graduate Approaches and Tools for Developing Web-Enhanced Lessons Winter 15.pdf
You Tube for Educators – Renewal 30 YouTube syllabus13.pdf
Google for Educators – Renewal 34 GoogleforEducatorsSyllabus2014-15.pdf
Building Problem Solving Skills K-4 – Renewal 37 Building Problem Solving Skills syllabus.pdf
MS Word 2010 or Higher: Practical Applications-Renewal 20 PracticalApplicationofMSWordforEducators2014-15.pdf
MS PPT 2010 or Higher: Practical Applications-Renewal 21 Practical Application of MSPPT Syllabus2014-2015.pdf
Open Educational Resources- Renewal 93 Open Educational Resources2014-15.pdf
MS Excel 2010 or Higher – Renewal 26 Practical Application of MSExcel Syllabus2014-15.pdf
Finding the Best Educational Resources – Renewal 39 Finding the Best Ed Res on Web Syllabus 2014-15.pdf
Mobile Devices for Teaching and Learning – Renewal 38 Mobile Devices syllabus2014.pdf
Differentiated Instruction Meeting Needs- Graduate 18 Graduate Meeting Student Needs Through Differentiated Instruction Winter 15.pdf
Universal Design for Learning- Graduate 17 Graduate Universal Design for Learning Winter2015.pdf

Cohort Offerings

The courses listed below require a code provided by your district to register.

  Course    Available Seats    More Information
Greenville INTEL Collaboration – Graduate 33 Graduate INTEL Elements Collaboration in the Digital Classroom Winter 15.pdf
Greenville INTEL Collaboration – Renewal 32 CollaborationDigitalClass Syllabus60credits2014-15.pdf
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